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Hello and welcome to Katy Robertson Counselling; a safe, non-judgmental and confidential space for young people aged 5-17 to explore their feelings and difficult experiences, recognise and change unhealthy behaviours and grow in self confidence.  


I value the importance of play as a natural form of communication and use a range of tools and resources such as sand tray, games, art and story telling to meet the needs of each young person I meet. Building a safe and helpful therapeutic relationship has been central to my work and I have found that when a young person feels understood, seen and heard they are better able to understand themselves and therefore grow in confidence and create positive change. I work with 5–17 year olds and as an integrative practitioner can adapt my work to meet the needs of each individual.  


The type of therapy that is offered differs depending on the age of the young person and to meet the needs of each individual child and family. It may be that your child is showing some distressing behaviours or relationships are becoming frayed. They may be having difficulties at school or in friendships or perhaps something has happened at home that is hard to cope with and some professional support is needed


For children up to the age of 12 play therapy is offered. As a child explores through play this provides a rich environment for distressing feelings and experiences to emerge and then can be worked with by the counsellor. Children more commonly express their feelings, memories and difficult experiences through play and play therapy provides a room equipped with resources where children can use toys, games, puppetry, storytelling, art and movement to explore and feel. As the counsellor supports and joins the child in their play a safe and containing space is provided for the child to grow and develop learning how to notice their feelings, and express themselves in a responsible way. It helps the child to make positive changes, grow in self confidence and develop healthier relationships thereby limiting problems behaviour and finding creative and resourceful ways to communicate. 


Talking therapy is more commonly provided for teenagers from 12 - 17 as well as access to art materials and practical resources. The young person can talk about things that they may find hard to talk about with the people closest to them. The counsellor will listen carefully and provide a non judgmental place where they can explore their problems and feelings and build on their resources to find ways out of distress and build their resilience and self confidence. 

Weekly 1:1 sessions within a play room that has access to play materials as well as comfortable space to sit and talk. There is a waiting area for parents and all follows the covid guidelines. Sessions will be the same time and place each week and last 50 minutes. 



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About Katy

I have worked with young people for nearly 20 years, now as an experienced counsellor and before that as a teacher and special needs coordinator.


My Approach

I trained with Place2Be, the UK's leading mental health service for children and I am an integrative practitioner using person centrered...


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